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Aiming at Freedom: Sagittarius Full Moon Messages

Hello my loves! Another moon phase, another update to my reading series to announce! In case you missed April's Reading Update, the central focus of my moon readings is now on freeing ourselves from the Human Condition. To do this, we must understand a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of biology that explains the human condition we see in the world today, where our hearts want to experience a loving, cooperative, collaborative, selflessly giving world and instead we find a greedy, angry, upset, destructive one. This breakthrough explanation helps us to see the the soul illness (psychosis) and mind illness (neurosis) that the entire Human Race is suffering with, and it offers a permanent relief for us all, through compassionate understanding. Visit THE Interview: That Solves The Human Condition and Saves The World to hear this incredibly exciting discovery from the scientist, Jeremy Griffith, who has been working diligently, along with the World Transformation Movement, to bring his findings to the masses. The short version is that our "ape-ancestors" developed in a nurturing environment akin to the one our soul expects, this was a genetic adaptation that happened 12-2 million years ago. The intellect, our system for nerve based adaptation, began to develop 2 million years ago. In order to function properly, our intellect necessarily had to go against the instinctual knowing of our ancestors to learn for itself through cause and effect. This has caused an upset on both sides, which we see reflected in our lives everywhere. It seems simple, yet the ramifications of this truth are profound. I have yet to fully understand them myself, and I have been studying this information since October 2022. It is recommended that you watch the video to hear a great deal more of what is being presented.

Back to the reading update! For these readings, I have shifted to the short 1 minute video format being offered by all the major platforms at this time. My motivation for doing so boils down to the desire/need to spend my time elsewhere. I truly enjoy offering this free series to highlight the astrological cycles so we can learn about our own charts, how these energies impact us and get guidance from the wise instinctive knowing within ourselves. I am also enjoying using them to talk about the most impactful truth of our lifetimes!

However, the fact remains that there has been very little revenue generated from this series and my efforts need to be shifted elsewhere. To be honest, I am in a very awkward place when it comes to my finances. My desire to do business these days and hustle to make a living is at an all-time low (which, as an artist turned spiritualist, has never been very high.) The energy of it all truly turns me off. I would rather offer everything I have to give freely and receive all I need to survive freely as well. This desire has been shifting the way I spend my time and energy in a major way, and yes, it is a result of understanding the information that Jeremy presents in his free book Freedom. I am a ship at sea as this book refers to it. Yet, for the moment, there are still bills to be paid. Perhaps I will offer more on the path of the unresigned in another blog.

One added benefit of doing the readings this ways is that I typed up the messages in order to ensure I could fit them within the 1 minute container. So, for the first time ever, I will also be releasing a text version of each reading, which you fill find below. (Please note: there may be variations between the videos and text as I am known to ab-lib and adjust in the moment as I see fit.)

Your message aligns with your Rising Sign, which determines the house that this full moon is occurring for you (in the whole house system.) If you do not know you rising sign, watch the tutorial video I created to walk you through the steps to find out HERE!

Thank you all for your support!


Sagittarius Full Moon Messages Aiming at Freedom

SAGITTARIUS RISING: You're celebrating yourself with the 3 of Pentacles. Your affirmation is "I step into the vibration of conscious collaboration."

Working on mutually shared goals with others is important to you. Focused on your role in the group and encourage others to contribute their unique talents for the collaboration. Understand that yourself and those you're working with had childhoods that lacked the attention and nurturing necessary to foster a self validating adult and navigate group dynamics with the compassion this understanding brings. Soon you'll be celebrating how easy it is for you to work in groups when no one is expecting or needing validation from the collaboration.

SCORPIO RISING: You're celebrating your values & valuables with the 4 of cups. Your affirmation is "I see the fullness and richness of my life."

Reconnecting with the innocent loving soul you were born as, will help your self worth expand. You will find you value yourself in a completely new way when you honor your instinctual orientation to altruism. This honoring is supported as you understand the human condition. You're also starting to see the value you've placed on the material world shift now that your own value is affirmed through this understanding. Your need for material reinforcement disappears when your validation comes from within you. When that happens, you'll be inspired to invest your valuables in your human family, and see how that brings richness and fullness in your life more than any possession ever could.

LIBRA RISING: You're celebrating your communication with the 10 of pentacles. Your affirmation is "I am successful and I share my wealth with those I love."

It is time to follow your inner guidance on who to bless with your success. Doing so will give a deep sense of purpose and meaning beyond what you've known before. Communicate to those you're inspired to invest in that you are willing to share your resources with them and celebrate this together. As you share what you're up to with others, you will inspire them to give where and how they can too. You also have a wealth of knowledge to share with the world as you understand the human condition and the compassion and forgiveness it offers to the human race. Communicating this knowledge is a priority at this time.

VIRGO RISING: You're celebrating your home with the 9 of cups. Your affirmation is "I open my grateful heart to the gifts that are coming my way."

There are blessings coming to your home, as you open to receive them from a place of knowing you are worthy. Your family has many gifts to offer you, particularly when you are able to be compassionate with them. Understanding that they did not get the loving and nurturing their innocent souls expected coming in will help you to transmute the ancestral karma within your family line. The gifts that come from this heart opening are unlimited. Consider using Ho'oponopono phrases, "I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you," on each of your family members to help facilitate this healing.

LEO RISING: You're celebrating your creativity with the 3 of cups. Your affirmation is "I connect into the sacred siblinghood and into this expansive experience of witnessing through time."

It is time to get together with your friends and create something inspired. It's also time to open your heart to your brothers and sisters of humanity through understanding the human condition. We all came into this world expecting to receive the unconditional love and nurturing our ancestors received. The effects of the trauma this unmet expectation caused show up as all of the problems we see in each other and the world. The forgiveness and compassion this understanding brings redeems our human family and frees us all to create a new world together.

CANCER RISING: You're celebrating your health and service with the 3 of cups. Your affirmation is "I connect into the sacred siblinghood and into this expansive experience of witnessing through time."

Your health and wellness improve as forgiveness and compassion crack your heart wide open. See the innocent child, who was deprived of the unconditionally loving and nurturing container that was their birthright, in every human you meet. And witness yourself through this awareness as well. Your vitality returns as you begin to see the world through this lens and experience the healing power it brings to you and those around you. Your instincts now where, when and how it is most supportive for you to serve at this time, just be sure you're doing it from a place of inspiration and not doing it for validation. You're enough no matter what you do, and you serve best when you come from that place.

GEMINI RISING: You're celebrating your 1-1 relationships with the 2 of swords. Your affirmation is "when blinded by the unknown, I can trust myself to move towards the light."

The world is changing, and with it, your 1-1 relationships are changing too. Do not be afraid of these shifts, instead, trust that it is leading you to the most intimate and authentic relationships you've ever known. Understand that you've been relating to others from a place of needing them to validate you because you lacked that validation growing up. Now that we understand this is a condition shared by virtually all members of the human race, we can learn to self validate and open to discovering how our 1-1 relationships change as they are cleansed of this toxicity.

TAURUS RISING: You're celebrating your transformation with the 7 of swords. Your affirmation is "I act from a place of love and morality and the universe witnesses my honest intentions."

A huge transformation is upon you. As light is shed on any and all actions you've taken that have been out of alignment with your loving instincts, do not allow yourself to get caught in shame. Instead, open your heart to what your loving instincts guide you to do from where you are right now, and trust that universe will reward you for acting from this place now that you have seen the light. We all have been acting out of integrity with ourselves, continuing to beat ourselves up will only delay the reparation humanity desperately needs. Transform your actions, and witness the world transforming around you.

ARIES RISING: You're celebrating your spiritually with the 8 of pentacles. Your affirmation is "with loving determination I persevere and become the person I long to be."

Your spiritual life is shifting as you foster a daily relationship with your instinctual selves. Biology now shows that our ancestors had altruistic, loving, selfless moral instincts. As our intellect developed, we've necessarily separated from these instincts so that the intellect could grow. Now that the intellect knows what it needs to know, it is time to revert back to our instinctual nature. That means constantly listening to your instinctual urging and catching yourself when your intellect tries to talk you out of acting on them. Consider using Ho'oponopono phrases, "I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you," to clear unloving energy toward others as it is merely a reflection of the war that has been going on between your instincts and intellect.

PISCES RISING: You're celebrating your ambition with the Wheel. Your affirmation is "I allow the transformative energies of fate to help me expand my experience."

What you once were working toward, likely no longer resonates with you. Use what is happening in the world around you as a redirection toward the ambitions of your loving moral soul. Humanity needs you to use your reputation, power and influence to spread the good news of our loving moral instincts, and your soul knows the way. Create a daily practice which helps you to connect with your soul. This is the perfect time to organize and prioritize your day in alignment with the part of you that is working for your highest good and the highest good of all.

AQUARIUS RISING: You're celebrating your groups with the 9 of pentacles and the Emperor. Your affirmation is "I enjoy the bliss and abundance that I have sown," and "I lead the circumstances of my life with confidence, harmony and generosity."

It is time to come together with your community for the betterment of all. Focus on the legacy you wish to create for future generations, and know that you are absolutely where you need to be right now to create a new earth for humanity. Understanding the human condition brings compassion and forgiveness into your community, and you are playing a huge role in this unfolding. There has never been a more critical time for you to step up with confidence and offer harmony and generosity to your community.

CAPRICORN RISING: You're celebrating your hidden realms with Queen of swords. Your affirmation is "I speak with wisdom and clarity."

We all have the ability to be psychic present within our hidden unconscious realms, waiting for the right time to come out of hiding and greatly impact our lives. Now is such a time. Expect to receive wisdom and clarity beyond that which your intellect is currently capable of providing. Trust that this is coming from the loving instinctual wisdom of your ancestors, lived in harmony with each other and the earth and didn't need language to communicate. As unnatural as your intellect may

try to convince you it is, it is the most natural thing to be happening to you as you prioritize the voice of your soul and it begins to speak to you in surprising ways. The vibration of wisdom and clarity the communication comes with will be your indication that it is coming from deep within you.

Namaste - the Universal Light in me salutes and honors the Universal Light in you!

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