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Narrated by Sean J. Kennedy

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Become Irresistibly Feminine 

You want your man to be strong, competent, and devoted to giving you what you need to feel happy, secure, and loved. Yet if you are like most women, you are doing things that ensure your man never steps up in the way you want. You may be enabling and even encouraging him to remain passive, self-interested, irresponsible, and undevoted. Many of your innocent, and even loving behaviors and words are pushing your man away and preventing him from being the man you need him to be. This book will put an end to that forever. You will discover just how easy and natural it is to begin interacting in a radically different way with your man. It’s not about trying harder to get what you want. It’s about letting go and not trying to ‘do’ anything. Only then will you become irresistibly feminine, and effortlessly activate a man’s devotion to your heart. 

About the Narrator

Sean J. Kennedy is a gardener, farmer and community builder who was so profoundly impacted by the practice of polarizing his relationship, that he connected with Zak and offered to narrate one of his books. Several months later, he's still applying the principles of polarity and growing forward as a devoted man. Reclaiming your masculinity or femininity is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

About the Author

Zak Roedde is a dating and relationship coach. He has coached hundreds of men and women to rekindle their attraction and love for each other and transform their relationships. He does this by teaching them about the secrets of masculine and feminine polarity. Relationships are messy, boring, and stressful without polarity, but they are a dream come true once you have mastered it.

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