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Custom Astrology Chart Bracelets

The CHARTLETS are bracelets which represent an individual's Astrology Chart using birth information provided.

Great gifts for grandparents, mementos of loved ones who have passed and provides a convenient chart reference.


Investment is $35.00 (includes shipping).

Chartlet Features:

Made from Memory Wire, so it adjusts to fit most wearers. Since the chartlet can be stretched out and still retain its shape, it is extremely child friendly and provides the option to wear as a choker necklace. The Lava Beads allow for the use of essential oils with this bracelet as well.

Features 11 gemstone beads representing the Sun, Moon, Rising Sign and Planets. (Gemstones used to represent the planets may vary.) Lava beads are used to represent empty deacons. Hematite spacers are used to represent the house divisions (whole house system.)

*Note beads used in your bracelet may differ in coloration and gemstones used may vary. Mookaite is especially variable. The beads used in your bracelet may be different gemstones than the ones featured in this example.

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How to Read
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How to Read a CHARTLET

The planets are each represented by a different gemstone.  The lava beads represent empty decans (meaning 10 degrees of a sign). The hematite spacers represent the house separations (using the whole house system.) 


To read the chart START with the end of the bracelet that contains the Earth (Ascending/Rising) bead within the first two hematite spacer beads. This represents your first house and is the zodiac sign that matches your Ascendant/Rising sign. The houses and the signs continue in order from there.


In general each bead represents one decan (or 10 degrees of a sign) except in cases where there are multiple planets in one decan. In these cases, there are multiple planet beads for one decan representing all of the planets within that decan. This is the case whenever a "house" contains more than 3 beads.


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