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Hemp Paste

Hemp Paste is the ONLY whole plant product on the market made from premium organically grown, high CBD cannabis flowers with ALL cannabinoids and terpenes intact. There is no oil extraction process, which denatures many of the vital compounds offering therapeutic benefits. Hemp Paste is beneficial to anyone looking to lower stress levels, anxiety and/or pain from inflammation in the body.

Recommended purchase for first time customers: Like most nutritional supplements it's necessary to consume the product for a minimum period of time to notice results. It is suggested to use the Hemp

Paste 1 scoop @ 3x daily for at least 2 weeks. We recommend purchasing the

1000mg jar of hemp paste as a first-time user of the product.

Please note, many people, myself included, enjoy the flavor of Hemp Paste. However, we have had feedback from customers who do not appreciate the flavor. If this turns out to be you, there's a couple solutions. You can put the paste into veggie capsules OR, consider trying our newest product: Mint flavored Hemp Paste!

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Hemp Cream

In addition to the Hemp Paste, we strongly recommend leveraging the Hemp Cream to be applied topically for immediate relief of burns, scrapes, bruises, aches and cramps. This 1-2 combo greatly reduces inflammation, and provides pain management while promoting healing within the targeted area.

There are several formulas available and we suggest trying a 75mg jar until you figure out which is best for you. Our personal favorite is the anti-aging blend. If you like cinnamon you'll love the original blend. And for sensitive skin types, there's even a special blend for you. 

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The Devoted's Personal Hemp Paste Story

In late 2018, I came upon a product called Hemp Paste through a social media group, and my initial reaction was dubious at best, cynical at worst. After an exchange with what turned out to be the founder and owner of the company which makes Hemp Paste, I decided to give the product a shot. After all, I was suffering from intense anxiety and chronic inflammation. I had tried many different supplements, including CBD oil. I figured, it can’t hurt to give this one a try.

I remember the day my shipment arrived. I opened it up and took the recommended dosage (1/8 tsp sized scoop included in the package). I thought to myself, “Well, at least it tastes good.” I went about my day, which included a birthday party for a friend’s wife later in the afternoon. I had been at the party for about an hour when I had a moment of self-awareness. I took note of the fact that I was more relaxed than normal around groups of people, particularly when meeting folks for the first time. I had sense of humor and felt confidence that was atypical. Then it occurred to me, the one thing I had done differently that day, was taking the hemp paste.

A couple days later, I contacted the company and spoke to the owner, Brad Morehouse. I thanked him and confessed my skepticism before asking if I could come aboard as a distributor. I wanted to share the product with others, knowing that millions are dealing with similar symptoms as I had been. It’s been nearly 3 years since that fateful day, and I am still consuming Hemp Paste on a daily basis as part of my self-care regimen. To me, it’s an investment in my health, and without health, there cannot be joy, abundance and purpose. 

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