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To sign up for a service, please EMAIL me with the service you are requesting.

All of the payments for our services are done through PayPal @positivelypaige.
Alternative payment methods, please email us to discuss your options.

In person sessions are held in WNY, in Synder or Albion.
House calls are determined on a case to case basis and will include an additional fee.

Services: Text
Chart Readings

Learn About Yourself Through Your Chart

These are recorded readings of different aspects of your astrology chart.
Each reading will be sent within a week of payment received.

Chart Reading

This is a BASIC chart reading recording where I will cover the TOP THREE alignments that most astrologers focus on. This will cover your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. You will learn about the energies of how you shine, how you emote and how you show up in the world.

Recommended for Beginners.

The Top Three Breakdown is an investment of $40.

This is a DETAILED reading which provides an in-depth PLANETARY BREAKDOWN.
We will cover all of the planets, their signs and their house placements and how this influences your expression. This will give you insight into the what, how, and where of your astrological makeup.

The Planetary Breakdown is an $80 investment.

This is an ADVANCED reading, which gives you an ASPECTS BREAKDOWN detailing the relationships of the planets to each other.

Aspects can be favorable or challenging. Understanding them will give you insight into where your strengths and weakness are.
The Aspects Breakdown is an investment of $80.

Card Reading
Card Readings

Consult the cards for guidance & support

Intuitive Card Readings are recorded 30 minute readings sent to you for personal guidance and support. You can provide 3 questions you would like answered or trust in the guidance that comes through organically!
Intuitive Card Readings are an investment of $40 
and will be sent within a week of purchase.

Reading Party

Throw a party with me

Reading Parties are celebrations where I offer readings to your guests!
You determine:
*Number of guests,

*Reading length (15mins - 1hr)

*Reading Type (Card or Chart)
*Reading Atmosphere (Open or Private)
Investment is based on length of time booked at the rate of $40 per every 30 minutes.
Depending on travel distance, an additional travel fee may be assessed.

Learn how to read cards

Card Training gives you an hour training session with me on how to read a deck of cards.  As part of the service you will receive a deck of cards and a pendulum to support you on your card reading journey. This service can be added on to a reading party, or purchased separately. 
Card Training is an investment of $140.

Readng Party

Give a massage to your energy field

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique where you receive healing energy from the universe into your body.  This energy acts as a tuning fork for your body which invites you to come into closer alignment with yourself on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.  Think of it as a massage for your energy field. 

As a Level III Reiki practitioner Paige Allison has been trained to send distance Reiki energy and virtual sessions are also available.
Reiki Sessions are an investment of $40 per 30 minutes

Chakra Analysis & Cleanse

Check your energy center and release bloks

Chakra Analysis and Cleanse is a session where we will test your chakra centers, clear your blocks, and end with a general balancing to support and align the chakras. During this session you will learn about each of the chakras, their common blocks and how to address them.  There are 7 energy centers total, you may have multiple centers which are blocked.  We will take a full hour to address as many of your blocked centers as possible, together deciding which chakras need the most support and focus our attention on moving the energy in those centers through discussion and tapping. In person and virtual sessions available
Charka Analysis and Cleanse sessions are an investment of $80.

Tapping Therapy

Reduce physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain through Tapping

Tapping Therapy is a session where you receive insights and instruction on a technique called Tapping techniques to transform problem area in your life that you are ready to live without.  During this session we will dig deep into the cause of the problem of your choice.  We will begin to clear this issue from your life by identifying your blocks and applying the tapping technique to create the desired transformation. You will leave with the knowledge of how to use tapping and after the session you will receive a recording of your tapping affirmations to support you in this transformation outside of the session. In person and virtual sessions available
Tapping Therapy Sessions are an investment of $80.

Guided Meditaitons

Experience relaxation with a guided visualization

Guided Meditation is a session where we will develop a meditation best suited for your and your intentions. You will receive a recording of the meditation created in the session for your personal use at home. 
Guided Meditation is an investment of $40.

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