Select Your Service

  • Solar Readings

    Every month
    Monthly guidance for your life!
    • Solar readings each month at the change of Sun sign!
  • Personal Reading

    Consult the cards for guidance and support
    Valid for one week
    • One Personal Reading Recording
  • Best Value

    Personal & Solar

    Every month
    A personal reading recording & Solar reading(s) monthly
    • Solar Reading(s)
    • Personal Reading Recording
  • Tapping Together

    Releasing pain through tapping and community
    Free Plan
    • Access to join our virtual tapping calls.
    • Chance to be the one to go through the pain relief process.
  • Sound Immersion

    45 Minutes of Personal Sound Immersion Therapy
    Valid for one month
    • Customized sound session for your specific needs and goals
    • Free up stagnant energy in your emotional body
    • Promote physical, psychological and/ or financial wellness.
    • Crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, LoveTuner (528Hz)
    • Tongue drum, rattles and more!
  • Sound & Energy Work

    45 Minutes of Personal Sound Immersion & Energy Work
    Valid for one month
    • Customized session for enhancing consciousness
    • Use of sound tools and Integrated Energy Therapy
    • Clearing of cellular memories and ancestral trauma
    • Clearing of epigenetic programming.
    • Lomilomi bodywork (available for in person only)
    • Available virtually or in person in the WNY area


Guidance for your Solar Month

Each Solar Month when the sun changes astrological signs, you will receive at least one 30 minute video which gives you guidance and advice for how to navigate the current Solar Month. A Solar Month goes from when the sun enters an astrological sign, to when it leaves, and is roughly a 30 day cycle which starts and ends around the 19th-23rd of the calendar month. These readings are meant to highlight which planet(s) the current Sun sign shows up (or doesn't) in your personal chart.  If you do not know which astrological signs the planets were in when you were born, please visit my how to video to find out. Each month your reading(s) are the one(s) for your planet(s) which are in the current Sun Sign.  There is also a reading for those who do not have any planets (or the ascending/rising) in the current sign. As such, you are guaranteed at least one reading per month, however, you may have more than one reading as it is possible to have multiple planets in the same sign! This service is only $11.11 per month! 


Consult the cards for guidance & support

These are recorded 30 minute readings sent to you for personal guidance and support. You can provide 3 questions you would like answered or trust in the guidance that comes through organically! Each reading is $40 and will be sent within a week of purchase.


Personal & Solar Readings each solar month

This service combines the Personal & Solar Readings.  The Personal Reading recording will be sent each month within the first week after the solar shift. If you send me your astrological chart, I will cross reference your Solar Reading(s) for the month and weave that guidance into your personal reading. This service is $44.44 per month.


Releasing pain through tapping & community

 The Vulnerable (Paige Allison) will guide the group through tapping on the issues brought up by the participants. Everyone in the session is encouraged to "Tap Along," to support the volunteer and allow for any layers that resonate in you to be healed too! This is a free service.  These zoom sessions will happen regularly on an irregular schedule, this helps me stay in the flow and also allows for people with more rigid schedules a chance to align with a session! Once you're signed up updates will appear on the Tapping Together page. To learn more about tapping click here!