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About Us

The Devoted & Vulnerable offer services to support the upliftment of humanity and the creation of the New Earth as we explore the relationship dynamic of polarity. Here is our story:

Shortly before the lockdowns began in 2020, Paige & Sean crossed paths at a startup wellness center

project in North Tonawanda NY. Their work relationship quickly evolved into a more intimate

connection, and through the remainder of the year they continued exploring partnership inspired 

by a shared vision for co-creating an intentional community with other like-minded folks.

By the end of 2020, the attraction seemed to be waning before a synchronicity led Sean

to a social media connection and a group teaching the principles of polarity to create

a dream relationship. Upon reading a pair of books written by Zak Roedde, and taking an

honest inventory of his patterns in relationships with women, he discovered a strong

calling to reclaim his dominance as man. Simultaneously, without knowing any of the material

he had been gleaning from the books, Paige poured her heart out in a courageously 

vulnerable fashion, activating Sean's devotion.

The partnership was revived with an expanded consciousness, and a bond that propelled

them forward through claiming their respective masculine and feminine poles. 

The Devoted & Vulnerable emerged as a project to share this life-changing dynamic

with as many others who are ready to level up and move through the limiting beliefs,

unhealthy attachments and programming that has prevented them from a life

joy, abundance and harmony. We're excited to offer products and services to enrich,

edify and empower you.

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