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What is Tapping?

Tapping is a combination of acupressure and psychology that works for a variety of pain management from injuries, to headaches, to autoimmune diseases, to weight loss, to arthritis, to grief, to anxiety, to depression, to PTSD and beyond. It's a simple to learn technique that anyone can learn and apply on their own. Obviously with deeper issues and higher levels of pain, it is best to work with a professional. 

I consider myself a professional despite not going through the official training to become certified in the technique called EFT (emotional freedom technique.) The essence of the technique is simple enough for anyone to learn. From there it's just knowing what to say and what questions to ask. Which I feel particularly skilled at from my empathetic point of view. 

What happens on a physical level is that, by lightly tapping on the endpoints of your meridians, you send a signal to your brain. Specifically to your amygdala. This is your fear center. Essentially the biological message sent through this touch of the meridian endpoint sends the message to your body that "It Is Safe." 

Science has proven that neurons that "fire together, wire together." So the technique works by calling up the experience through talking about it while tapping. This essentially activates the part of your brain that associates with this event, (the neurons that got wired together.) And by tapping and talking through the issue, slowly the mind is reprogramming a NEW association with the event. Different neurons are firing and wiring together, effectively reducing your pain level associated with the event. 

Additionally, I see pain as a messenger. PAIN = Pay Attention Inward Now. So knowing how to talk through the message behind the painful event while tapping, helps relieve the pain as well. There's a new thought being associated with the event now, as the messenger leaves after their message has been received, so does the pain.

It has had remarkable success.

The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner is a great resource to learn about tapping more. It is a book and also available as a documentary on Gaia. To learn more about the science behind the neurons that "fire together wire together" understanding, check out any of Dr. Joe Dispenza books or his series "Rewired" on Gaia.

Lastly, I highly recommend subscribing to Gaia to anyone who I mention it to!  It’s like spiritual Netflix. Yes, it can be a rabbit hole, and as with every media you ingest, there is a need to be mindful of how you feel when watching it.  It is suggested that you only watch that which feels aligned to you. There’s plenty of interesting stuff on there that will feel totally aligned and may even light you up!  Sign up through this link to support us!

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