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Integrity & Freedom from the Human Condition

Hello my loves! In this blog I'll be sharing the powerful message about Integrity I received for the Aries New Moon (Act I) Readings and the importance of setting the intention of Freedom from the Human Condition for the Aries New Moon (Act II - Solar Eclipse) Readings.

We all know the saying, "practice what you preach." With every reading I have offered in my free reading series, I have done my best to do just that, honoring the guidance that came through in the readings matching to my chart. Though it has not always been easy, I feel grateful for how implementing this advice has supported me in my life.

This year is an incredibly unique year when it comes to astrological events. My readings, which follow the lunar and solar astrological cycles offering guidance based on how it relates to an individual's chart, have been impacted by the uniqueness of this year. This year we are experiencing two New Moon's in Aries, the second of which is a power Solar Eclipse. Though double moon phases occur every few years and there are two Eclipse Season's each year, it is unique to have them combine and especially significant that they are doing so in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac representing new beginnings.

To honor the uniqueness of lunar phases, I offered the Aries New Moon readings in an "Act I" and "Act II" format. As I recorded the first act, I had no idea what would come in the second act beyond knowing that somehow the advice would relate.

And so, the readings for Act I were recorded, and I began to synthesis the guidance offered to me. Lunar phases most effect the area of our life that they occur in our charts, these areas are called "houses" in astrological terminology. I use the simple and effective whole house system, which determines the house placements based on an individual's rising sign. I organize the lunar readings by the house which the phase occurs for each person.

As a Virgo Rising, my Aries House, where these two lunar phases occur, is the Eighth House: the House of Transformation. The card that came through in the Act I readings from the Angel Therapy deck by Doreen Virtue was Integrity with the message to,"Align your actions so that they match your values and inner knowingness of what's right for you."

With readings, sometimes a person will experience a gut response, and it will be clear to them what the advice is referring to, while other times, the advice will become clear only as a person continues to experience life. With no gut response to this message, it was clear to me that my guidance was to evaluate all of my actions with whether or not they align with what I know is right for me. I knew it was likely that some of my actions were out of alignment and, since Aries is in my house of Transformation, that changing them would invite me into a transformative experience.

Since the time of the reading I have had significant transformative experiences, including learning about a terminal illness of a loved one, inviting me to question my values and center myself in my knowingness of what is right for me in response. I may offer a deeper dive into this experience and what it brought up for me in a later blog. For now, I will focus on the transformation of my card readings themselves..

As I prepared for the Act II - Solar Eclipse readings, I selected the intention and deck as normal. A few days before recording, I began to read a draft written by biologist Jeremy Griffith, the author of the book Freedom, which describes the Human Condition and offers an understanding that frees us from it. I have been following this content since October 2022, and I was excited to jump in to the first few chapters which had been released of his new book Therapy For the Human Condition. As an alternative health practitioner focused on finding the root cause of pain and offering therapy to treat it, this book is exactly what I have been waiting for.

As I began to read, I felt a stirring within my soul. I remembered the excitement I felt when first encountering this world changing material. The content that Jeremy has put together, with the help of the World Transformation Movement, has the capacity to heal humanity from all of the trauma we've experienced allowing us to move forward as a species united in love and cooperation. It addresses the root of all of our suffering and relieves it through understanding.

When I finished reading Therapy, I knew that there was nothing more supportive and healing for me to offer to people than this understanding. I felt that, although my readings and services have been helping to support people, they did not provide the deep relief and transformation that this information does. Though uncertain how to integrate this material within all of my services, I found myself feeling inspired to offer this material in my free reading series, and then I found myself confronting all of the reasons why not to.

To spare you the details of my inner battle over whether to present this material in the Aries New Moon (Act II - Solar Eclipse) Readings that followed, I will simply say I eventually realized this was exactly what the Integrity card was meant. I knew it was right for me to present this material and I had an obligation to myself, and to humanity, to honor that knowing.

And so, without knowing if I would be able to summarize an 800 page book in an 15-20 minute video in a way people would understand, or whether my usual followers would be upset with the change, or even how I was going to relate the content to each house, I dropped the deck I had selected, switched the intention for the readings to be Freedom from the Human Condition and recorded the INTRODUCTION to the Aries New Moon (Act II - Solar Eclipse) featured below.

After recording the remaining 12 videos, explaining the how the Human Condition relates to each house and the advice received from the Act I readings, I felt extremely empowered. I knew that it was the right thing for me to have done. Though I was nervous and know the explanations I offered could use some tweaking, I discovered I love the way it feels to speak about this material and share it! My goal has always been to guide people back to the wise instinctive knowing that exists within themselves, and with this material, I felt more equipped to do that than ever before! (To access the individual guidance relevant for you, watch the video in this Playlist that matches your rising sign.)


In conclusion, I am grateful for this Aries New Moon in two acts that has invited me to act with Integrity and transformed the focus of my lunar readings to support the spread of the most important information of our time. Here's to all of you, my human family, may this Solar Eclipse bring you the Freedom from the Human Condition that is your birthright, and may we walk together in love and compassion into the light of a new world!

Namaste - the universal light within me salutes and honors the universal light within you

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