Hello loves!! The Vulnerable (Paige Allison) is currently offering two different readings!  

Lunar Readings: This is a free service intended to support and guide you for your highest good and the highest good of all! These readings follow the moon phases and are posted for the New, 1st Quarter, Full and 3rd Quarter moon phases.  We highlight the moon sign of each phase and get clarity based on our Sun Signs.  For additional clarity, we can cross reference our Moon Sign and our Ascending/Rising Signs.  If you do not know your signs, please visit my how to video at the bottom of the Services page. 

Solar Readings: Each Solar Month when the sun changes astrological signs, you will receive at least one 30 minute video which gives you guidance and advice for how to navigate the current Solar Month. A Solar Month spans the time from when the sun enters an astrological sign, to when it leaves that sign, which is roughly a 30 day cycle starting and ending around the 19th-23rd of the calendar month. These readings are meant to highlight which planet(s) the current Sun sign shows up or doesn't in your personal chart.  If you do not know which astrological signs the planets were in when you were born, please visit my how to video to find out. Each month your reading(s) will be the one(s) for your planet(s) which are in the current Sun Sign.  There is also a reading for those who do not have any planets (or the ascending/rising) in the current sign. As such, you are guaranteed at least one reading per month, however, you may have more than one reading as it is possible to have multiple planets in the same astrological sign! This service is only $11.11 per month! Sign up here!