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Chart Readings
Learn about your Sun, Moon, & Rising sign in a Top Three Breakdown, discover which signs and houses your planets are in with a Planetary Breakdown, or dive into how the planets are interacting with each other in an Aspects Breakdown reading!

Intuitive Card Reading
Connect with your spiritual support team to answer any 3 questions or trust in the guidance that comes through organically!

Free Readings

Below are all of The Vulnerable's free readings which are currently relevant!

You will need to know your birth chart info in order to know which readings are relevant for you! It only takes a little bit of time, and will help you to learn more about yourself!


First, you'll need your birth time! Visit this tutorial video for How To Find Your Birth Time, if you do not know!

Next, you'll need to enter your birth data into a birth chart generator.
I recommend using
Click here to add your birth information and then select the chart you want to run.

For a tutorial on how to use the site, how to know which charts to use and how to read your chart, visit my tutorial video HERE!

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