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Keep Challenging The Illusion - Labyrinth Lesson

My parents were weary of what programing I watched on the television growing up. To ensure that the lessons I was learning were aligned with the values they wanted me to have, after watching TV they would periodically ask me, "what did you learn?" As I result, I grew up with a critical eye when it came to the lessons I was learning from the things I was watching. I look forward to sharing the most impactful lessons I have learned in my blogs.

One of my favorite movies growing up was Jim Henson's Labyrinth. I learned many lessons from this movie, many of which seem to be especially relevant today. The lesson I want to focus on in this post was taught by the Caterpillar scene.

Sarah meets the Caterpillar after she enters the labyrinth gates and runs down the long, seemingly endless corridor. After gaining no progress, she expresses her frustration in an tantrum and slides down the corridor wall. She then hears a chipper "'ello" from a Caterpillar next to her. He invites her in to have tea with the Mrs. She declines, stating that she needs to solve the Labyrinth, but there are no openings, "it just goes on and on and on" she says.

He replies, "it's full of openings, you just ain't seeing them," and shares that there is an opening across from them. She exclaims that there is not, there is simply a wall. He invites her to try and walk through it so she can see what he means, telling her, "things are not always what they seem in this place, you cannot take anything for granted."

She is able to walk through and discovers a pathway leading left and right. She heads off down the path to the left, and he calls out for her to wait. She comes back to thank him and he warns her, "don't go that way, never go that way!" Taking this to mean she should take the path to the right, she continues on down that path further into the labyrinth.

The Caterpillar then shakes his head says, "if she would have kept going on that way, she would have went straight to the castle."

What are we learning?

At first I thought perhaps the Caterpillar was intentionally leading her off track by telling her not to go to the left. However, on one of my many replays of the movie it hit me that what he was saying was that if she would have kept walking straight, she would have traveled straight to the castle. When thinking about it further, I realized he was saying that if she would have kept on challenging the illusion that there was no opening, she would have gone straight to her destination and thus avoided the perils of the labyrinth altogether.

How does this apply today?

We live in a world where we are taught that what is real and true is what we can experience with our five senses. Yet, more and more, science is telling us that the invisible world, the world of energy, frequency and vibration, is much more real than the world we experience with our senses alone. It is through our connection to the invisible world that our intentions and our focus create our reality. And thus, it is through challenging the illusions of our physical senses, that we are able to take an energetic path to our goals, which is much, much faster.

I was reminded of this lesson from the Labyrinth's Caterpillar during this week's Quarter Moon in Aries reading for the Human Collective. In our nine card spread, one of our questions was about what spirit wanted us to know. The Goddess Maya came through with the following message regarding illusions, "when you look at the world, everything you see appears to be real. So it's easy to imagine that your current conditions are influenced only by obvious actions and calculated movements. This is an illusion, as everything is intrinsically connected, though not visible to us due to the limitations imposed on our perception by our five that the invisible world in responding to your deepest desires and intentions to make a better life for yourself and others."

Both Maya and the Caterpillar are telling us the same thing, when we get frustrated by the limitations of the perceivable world, we must recognize the illusion inherent in them and look at things another way. Things are not always as they seem. And if we keep challenging the illusions presented to us by our limited senses, we open a door that goes straight to the center of our heart's desires.

With Love, The Vulnerable

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