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Capricorn Solar Season Review

Each time the Sun moves an astrological sign, I invite us to focus on the archetypes and characteristics of the zodiac sign the sun is spotlighting. With this focus, I also offer the opportunity to see how this energy shows up in our lives and to receive guidance on navigating the season from our spiritual support team through the use of tarot and oracle cards.

For this blog, I focus on the lessons I’ve personally learned from the Capricorn Solar Season based on how it relates to the Capricorn energy my chart and my guidance that came through.

First, a synopsis of the energy of the Solar Season being reviewed. Capricorn is the last Earth sign of the zodiac story, bringing with it the final expression of Earth in all its majesty. The element of Earth represents the material world, and so the focus of the Capricorn archetype is the Sea Goat, climbing the mountain to achieve it’s Earthly (material) goals.

Each sign of the zodiac has one of three modalities. These modes can be most easily understood and remembered when placed in the context of where they occur in the season that they are in. Capricorn season begins at the Winter Solstice, the very beginning of the season of winter (in the northern hemisphere.) A sign that starts a season is known as a Cardinal signs and it is considered to be an initiatory or activating energy.

So, Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign that starts things in order to achieve material goals displaying resourceful, patient, ambitious, determined and responsible qualities. It is on this energy that we were invited to focus for the Solar Season of Capricorn from December 21st 2022 to January 22nd 2023.

In my birth chart, I have two planets in Capricorn; Venus and Neptune. I’ll discuss the meanings of each planet, the guidance that came through for them and reflect on the lessons I learned throughout the Solar Month from them.

Venus is the planet of love and money. It is the planet that rules how we receive and what we value. When it comes to love and money, I exemplify the Capricorn qualities. I am resourceful, patient, ambitious, determined and responsible in love and money. The guidance that came through from my Spiritual Support Team was from the Law of Attraction card from the Angel Therapy Deck by Doreen Virtue. The message on the card is “relationships and activities that you once enjoyed are now changing as you become more sensitive and aware of energies.”

With this advice in mind I was able to give myself permission to feel into the activities and energies that feel aligned for me, keeping space open to identify certain people or pastimes which no longer felt supportive. Here’s a few of the shifts I discovered;

The biggest awareness that has come to me is that I no longer enjoy the effects that my coping substance of choice has on me. An activity I once enjoyed to excess, this Solar Season has highlighted the lack of resonance I feel with it these days. A new awareness and understanding has come to me that has helped me to understand much of the struggle I have felt under the surface most of my life. With this understanding the struggle I have always experienced underneath the surface has dissipated, because of this I no longer receive the benefits of escape from it that my coping substance once brought to me.

I had the awareness that this activity was no longer aligned with me prior to the start of Capricorn season, and it was the first thing that came to mind when I received this reading. Despite my awareness and guidance, I still chose to engage with the substance a few times this Solar Season. Each time, I immediately regretted it. The feeling it gives me does not serve me at this time. I have given myself permission to accept that my sensitivities are guiding me away from it. I am grateful for all of the healing and enjoyment that it has brought me over the years. I am grateful that the need for it in my life has been relieved. And I am grateful for the message of this season to support me in my ambitions in love and money through releasing this habit.

Another place in my life this has been relevant is in my relationships. While I have not ruled any one relationship in my life out at this point, I have felt an immense relief throughout the season simply by allowing the possibility for some of my relationships to be changing or falling away. I have known for a while that relationships, like everything else in life, go through cycles and seasons. Some relationships are impactful and brief, some simmer constantly through the years, and others pop in and out at opportune moments. Despite knowing this, I had been feeling a heaviness regarding some relationships which I felt were shifting. This advice supported me in being aware that these changes are occurring because I am more sensitive and aware of energies, and that this is a natural process of the law of attraction. "Like attracts like," and so as I change my resonance, my connections change to match it. I was reminded this is a natural process and one to celebrate!

My Venus in Capricorn has offered me a lot of support when it comes to honoring myself and allowing what doesn’t work for me to fall away. I feel that there may be more lessons this winter season related to this theme, and I approach them with a tender openness. I feel I have certainly unlocked an achievement when it comes to honoring my sensitivities and supporting this area of my life.

The other planet I have in Capricorn is Neptune. The planet Neptune rules our connection to source in our charts. So when it comes to my connect to my source I have Capricorn qualities. I am resourceful, patient, ambitious, determined and responsible in my connection to source. The guidance that came through from my Spiritual Support Team was the Manifestation Power card from the Angel Therapy Deck. The advice offered by this card is to“use your spiritual gifts and natural abilities to attract your desired outcomes.”

To be honest, I was disappointed with this card at first. My connection to source has been something I’ve been developing for years and at the time of this reading, I felt very far from connected. I was looking forward to receiving life changing advice on how to deepen this important relationship and, to me, the message of the card did not seem to help. It was telling me I was had natural gifts that helped me connect to source and that it was enough to just trust in my own abilities. Thankfully, I didn’t give up on the advice and kept my mind open to its meaning. I knew I was natural at meditation, and obviously my card readings were a way for me to connect with source. I did not really see a way to them any more than usual, but I was committed to figuring it out. Somehow I knew meditation and card readings would play a role in connecting to my source, yet I did not see how.

It wasn’t until the turn of the New Year that this advice really clicked in for me. I had received a new deck for the holidays, the Celtic Goddess Oracle by Gillian Kemp. In my first reading with my new deck, the Goddess of Childbirth and Youth came through with this advice, “make the right choices each morning and what follows will turn out well.” I knew this card was encouraging me to commit to a morning routine that I had been trying to develop for a while. I just couldn’t seem to get the inspiration to get out of bed each morning to start it.

(Side note: this deck made it's first appearance our New Moon in Aquarius Readings!)

With the big new beginning energy of the first day of the New Year, I woke up and started new my morning routine. First, I offered three sun salutations on my yoga mat. Giving thanks for another day and inviting source into my heart and into my life for the greatest good of all. Then, I sat quietly and did my favorite breathing meditation. This practice involves counting my breath to clear my mind. Once I felt my mind was sufficiently clear, I invited my higher self into a dialogue with me by walking myself through a meditation I had experienced on Insight Timer called Connecting With Your Higher Self by Shannon Shine.

In this meditation, you see yourself walking down a hallway with a door. So, I narrated in my head what I was seeing, what the hallway looked like, where the door was and what it looked like. You then walk through the door into a natural landscape. Once again, I narrated in my head the details of the landscape I found myself in. Somewhere in the landscape you are guided to find a mirror. My inner narration continued and I described where the mirror was, how it was propped up and the details of the viewing area in front of it. It is at this point that you are guided to look into the mirror and see your higher self, allowing your higher self to speak with you. After narrating how my higher self looked in the mirror, I began to feel myself from the perspective of my higher self. It was as though I became my higher self and was looking at meditating self through the mirror. Anchoring into this connection, I allowed a conversation to unfold, switching from the perspective and voice of my higher self to my meditating self and back again. After my sun salutations, mind clearing breath work and conversation with my higher self, I continued on with my day as normal. Except from the first moment, I knew it would not be a normal day. I felt a drastic difference in a positive way. I felt a deep sense of ease within my being and a bubbling enthusiasm for the day. I knew whatever the hours to come held in store for me, that the would unfold in a beautiful way and I felt excited. This was a miraculous shift for me. One that I knew was directly related to my morning practice. I felt connected to my source all day and I was amazed at how easy and natural it had been, just like the card had suggested it would be. My morning practice has now become a routine that I look forward to. I love giving thanks to the sun and opening my heart to the day each morning. I love the stillness I create with my mind clearing exercise and it is such a relief to allow my higher self to talk me through whatever it is that I need to bring to it each day. Another natural gift that I have discovered this Solar Season that has helped me to connect with my source again is journaling. It is through putting words to the paper that I truly feel seen and heard by myself and the energies of my source. The page acts as a potent mirror through which I can see that which was only a blurred image inside of my heart. I also feel connected to source as I write because it reminds me of my co-creative power. I know that by putting words and visions to paper, I am participating with my source in a powerful manifestation practice.

In conclusion, my Capricorn Solar Season has unlocked achievements, providing me supportive small steps that have helped progress me towards my goals in love, money and connecting to my source. I have given myself permission to release what no longer serves me, and I have started a new daily routine that has me moving throughout the day feeling deeply connected to the universe. I am also using the power of journaling to co-create with my source. I am feel very excited to see where this year will take me with the space that has opened up and the guidance that has come in closer than it has ever been!

To learn about the current Solar Season energies with advice relevant to where the archetype shows up in your life, CLICK HERE.

Namaste - the universal light within me salutes & honors the universal light within you!

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