Beach Sunset Dot Rock

Hello loves! Today I am inspired to share with you my process for creating a Beach Sunset Dot Rock!

Materials: Pencil, Eraser, Paint Brush, Dot Makers (one small, one medium, one large. See below for more details,) Acrylic Paints (Black, Yellow, 2 Oranges, Red, 2 Blues, 3 Greens and 2 Browns) and a Sealer (link to the non-toxic eco-friendly quick drying sealer I use included in the sealing step.)

Notes: Regarding paint colors, if you desire to follow this design's color pallet, please note in the material sections the colors we will be using and the number of different shades you'll need for each color. I refer to the different shades I use with different names. For example: :"orange" and "light orange," but feel free to use your own shades, staying consistent throughout the painting wherever you substitute. For example: use your second orange color every where I say to use "light orange" and your third green color every where I say "dark green." This is a fun project, feel free to follow as closely or deviate as willfully as you desire from my design. You'll notice I deviate from my own design at times. This is a natural part of the creative process! If you make an error with a dot, see Step 40 for an example of how to fix it.

Step 1: Select your rock!

You can use any shaped rock you want to for this project. Since we're mostly using dots to paint the rock, it's ok for the rock surface to not be smooth. The rocks I gravitate to for this design are ones that are flat on the bottom, with one side curved higher than the other at the top.

Step 2: Paint the background black.

Using a black acrylic paint, cover the visible surface of the rock with black paint. I make sure the edges are painted as far down as possible without touching the surface I am painting on.

Step 3: Draw the Horizon Line

Using a pencil, draw a straight line for the horizon about one forth up from the bottom of the rock and parallel to it.

Step 4: Draw the sun on the horizon line

Using a pencil, draw a half circle connecting to the horizon line drawn in Step 2 to create the center of the sun. For the placement, imagine the rock was split down the center, then draw the half circle a little bit off of that center line on the side of the rock you're using for the sun. Since my rock is higher on the left side, I reserved that for the palm tree and drew the sun slightly off center on the right half of the rock.