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Hello loves!  Welcome to this landing page for the meditation content I offer!

Meditation is the practice of focusing your awareness. The benefits of meditation are numerous and you are encouraged to do more research on the benefits of meditation if you are skeptical and wish to know more!

The first video you will find below is for my Meditations Tips which will guide you through a few of my basic tips when it comes to the practice of meditation. Most importantly YOU CAN MEDITATE!

Below this video you will find a collection of guided meditations I have offered! For full access to all of the meditations I offer, check out our YouTube channel, which has more content and will keep you up to date as new meditations are released.

Lastly, I offer a Chakra Meditations service through WhatsApp for only $14.40 a month. We work on a different chakra every week and practice the meditation daily.

Meditation: Text
Meditation: Video

Unicorn Encounter Meditation

Meditation: Video

Meditation For Peace

Meditation: Video
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